Nice to have customers Zero back in the GBS Workshop from Norway…..

It was nice to have this GBS Zero back in our workshop last week. GBS customer Peer Moberg from Norway collected his full Zero self build kit from the factory earlier this year in January and has been busy building it since he collected it. Peer returned with his nearly completed 2.5 Duratec powered Zero build last week for us to do some of the final fittings and engine set up.

Peers was with us for just over 4 days and all the GBS team worked together to complete the build and set up including some late nights.  The high spec Zero looked stunning once all completed and Peers enjoyed a road test with Richard once the engine was all set up.

This stunning Zero is a 230 Calibre Spec that features - LHD Standard Sport Chassis, 2.5ltr Ford Duratec engine, with ATR Throttle Bodies, Life ECU, Painted with Stripes, Carbon Fibre Bodywork Pack, Rear Diffuser, Momo Steering Wheel and Quick Release Boss, Heated windscreen, ATR Suspension and ATR Brakes.

The Zero range is available in both right and left hand drive due to its symmetrical design and has already been sold and registered into France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Siberia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, America and Southern Ireland. For more details about the Zero and what options available please click here.

This week is another busy week for the GBS Workshop team with them working on some interesting and exciting projects, along with several Zero’s and other sports cars that we have with us for the IVA Service. If you are interested in booking your car in with us for our IVA Service or any other services then please visit our workshop page where you will see more details or please contact us.


We also have a Job Opportunity to join our GBS Workshop team click here for more details.

Father and Son to enjoy the Zero Build project together....

GBS Customers Jerry & Matt Haller (Father & Son) visited our stand at the Autosports Show earlier this year in January at the NEC in Birmingham where they first saw the Zero’s on display on our stand. They then came to see us at the factory and enjoyed a factory tour, meeting all the team, seeing all the behind the scenes of what we do….. They went away with plenty of ideas and options, as well as both enjoying a test drive in our demonstrator. A few weeks later we got a email to say they have decided on their Zero spec and were ready to place their order, so they came up to the factory on a Saturday and confirmed the spec and options of their kit and payed the deposit. Then last week their stunning painted Zero arrived back at the factory and we had the opportunity to take a few photographs of it before it was delivered to them the next day. 

This is going to be a project for a Father and Son who are going to enjoy together, we look forward to following their build and seeing it progress and sharing photos with you all.

We have lots of Zero self build kits currently being prepared for collection over the few weeks as well as some that are soon to be exported. We are also expecting our new demonstrator to arrive back from the paint shop later this week, so keep a look out on our social media to see more about that!

The NEW Second Generation Zero Chassis & New GBS Demonstrator….

The new Second Generation Zero chassis has had a very positive response since it was launched a few months ago and the improvements have been noticed. We have created a short video that walks around and talks about the NEW Second Generation Zero Sports Car.

We are also pleased and very excited to be having a new Zero demonstrator very soon. After 12 hard months of development work, our test vehicle is undergoing a transformation to become the new Gen 2 Zero demonstrator. Fitted with all the latest components from GBS and ATR Products and powered by the amazing Ford 2.5L Duratec, this is going to be something special. Keep an eye out for the final result in the next few weeks, we will be sending it off to be painted very soon! You can follow us on Instagram to see more of what we are up to and follow the build of our new Zero demonstrator. Follow us @gbs_cars

Earlier this morning we had a very nice painted Zero arrive back at the factory. We all love the customer’s choice of colour, and we can't wait to see more photos as the build progresses over the next few months, which is being delivered to its new owners who are a Father and Son next week. Another Zero that also arrived back from our paint shop earlier this week is now in our workshop in its build bay for the rest of the build to be completed.

…..The NEW Second Generation Zero…..
Click here to take a look at the video or visit our Zero page for more details.

More Zero’s on the road, and Magazine visit the GBS Factory….

We always have lots of interesting sports cars and nice Zero’s in our workshop including several customer builds that are currently with us for the IVA Service that we offer.

Last week GBS Customer Lewis Buckle came to collect his Zero that we prepared and presented to IVA test. More details about the IVA Service that we offer and other workshop services can be found on our after sales page. Click here for details (Workshop services are available for all sports cars not just the Zero). Our next GBS Cars & Coffee event which is happening on Saturday 21st September at the GBS Factory is looking like it’s going to be another busy one and we will be joined by many new Zero owners who have recently registered their Zero’s and enjoying them on the road.

Don’t forget to let us know if you will be joining us at our GBS Cars & Coffee event next month…. Click here for more details.


We had a visit from the Total Kit Car Magazine team last week who enjoyed a factory tour of our facilities. It has been well over a year since they last visited us, so a lot has changed and developed including the Zero. Steve Hole from TKC Magazine also enjoyed a test drive in our 2.5 Duratec Zero demonstrator with Richard, we look forward to seeing the feature later this year in their magazine. Its also nice to see that another GBS customer’s Zero build is featured in their current magazine issue which is out in the shops now. GBS is also featured in this months Complete Kit Car magazine which is in the shops now.

Don’t forget to let us know if you will be joining us at our GBS Cars & Coffee event next month…. Click here for more details.

Busy in the GBS workshop, get your car booked in with us….

Last week the GBS workshop team were extremely busy and had some very early starts with 4 IVA Tests at our local test stations. Which we are pleased passed and are now waiting registration and collection from the customers. We are able to offer IVA Pre Checks as well the full IVA Service where we can prepare and present your car to test for you, this includes all application and paperwork too and we also offer the service of once its passes we can register the car for you. This is a popular service that we offer and we always enjoy being able to help and support in the final stages of getting your car on the road. Please click here for more details on the IVA Service that we offer.
We are able to offer a full range of workshop services for your GBS Sports Car and also other cars including track day preparation, Geometry and corner weights which can massively improve the handling when out on the road and track, Servicing and MOT, engine, suspension upgrades, repairs, build completions and much more.

Lots of Zero kits are scheduled to be collected over the next couple of weeks including one that is being collected this Saturday that we have had to modify to suit the customer engine choice. The Zero Chassis had to be modified to take a Kawasaki GTR 1400 motorbike engine. Click here for more details on the engine options that are available for the Zero range or call us and we can discuss the options with you.

We also have this nice factory built Zero back with us in the workshop as we are currently preparing it for this weekend, where it can be seen at the Silverstone Classic Show on the Yokohama stand. For more details please visit our event page.


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From Nottingham to New York….Zero Race kit on the way to New York….

A few weeks ago we had a Zero Race kit collected that is now on the way to a customer in New York, USA where it will be delivered in the few weeks. We also have another Zero Mazda Kit currently being prepared that will be going to a customer in Canada very soon and then another to the USA. Along with all our UK and other European Kit collections that are scheduled in for the next couple of weeks, we are very busy and the Zero kit dispatch area is looking very busy with Zero chassis’s.


We are not at Goodwood Festival Speed this weekend, but we are pleased to confirm we can be seen at Goodwood Revival later this year with the Zero’s. Please visit our event page to see more details about the Goodwood Revival event and other events that we have planned for 2019.

Last month you may have seen that we had GBS Customer Peter Cartwright’s Zero back with us in the workshop for the ATR Products Brake Upgrade fitment. Peter competes with his 2.5 Duratec powered Zero in Sprints and does several Track Days a year. Peter’s first event since he had the new upgrade fitted was a few weekends ago at Lydden Hill and it was great to hear that it was a success and enjoyable.

Peter Said “Quite a short circuit (just over 1m I think) and each timed run just short of two laps (ie from leave pit lane to re-enter pit lane).

The entry list was not large meaning there was time for 6 runs – or 7 in my case with a re-run for being baulked right at the end of one run. So with 14 laps, a decent number to assess the car. My conclusion was that is definitely better as currently set up.
Overall, Lydden was my best outing yet and I drove back with a big smile on my face!  
Next date at Snetterton in July with the Lotus 7 club”.

We hope to see more race photographs from Peter’s day at Lydden once they are released.

The new ATR Products Brake upgrade is now very popular with many Zero’s now have it fitted. You can see more details and images on the Brake upgrade options on our parts website Kit Spares or to book your Zero or sports car in our Workshop please visit our workshop services page.

Busy workshop…. Is your Zero all set up and ready for the summer?

As many of you know we offer a full range of workshop services for your GBS Zero Sports cars and also other sports cars. We offer a wide range of services from upgrades to Mot’s. The new ATR Products brake upgrade has proven very popular as has the ATR Products Suspension upgrade. Our IVA Service is another popular service and we always have several sports cars in the workshop that are here for the IVA Service that we offer. We are able to prepare and present your car to IVA along with registration as well, this week we are presenting  two Zero’s to test with one of them passing this morning.

 We have recently seen an increase in customers having Geometry and corner weight set up done on their sports cars, which can make a big difference to both the performance and handling of your sports car.

We currently have a nice Zero in our workshop with us for the IVA Service and is booked to go to test soon. But last week we took it to be Rolling Road tested, if you visit our GBS Instagram you can see a link to a short video clip taken at 3,500 rpm solid state mapping on an Emerald ECU with a new 2.0Zetec on ATR Products Throttle Bodies. It produced 174 bhp with more to come!

 Whether you use your car for weekend drives, occasional Track Days or Motorsport we will be able to offer you something.

Visit our dedicated Workshop services page that includes the IVA Service to see more details of what we can offer, or contact us to discuss getting your car booked in. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

IVA 020002.jpg

Very first Zero in the workshop & something else very exciting…

The GBS Workshop is always busy and if you follow us on Instagram and Facebook you may have already seen some of the nice cars that we have in their currently including something very exciting. We are very excited to be in partnership with Motorsport Tools and are delighted to have this Mk2 Escort now in our workshop that is with us for its 2.5ltr Duratec engine installation and much more.
These will be brand new cars on current registration plates, and we will be developing them to meet the IVA test requirements. The all new Mk2 Escort’s will be based on a group-4 spec bodyshell, powered by a brand new Ford supplied 2.5L Duratec on ATR billet throttle bodies & Life ECU. Mazda 6-speed gearbox, Atlas axle, AP Racing brakes, ATR coilovers etc.
They will be supplied as complete road going cars or in kit form, and can easily be converted to a rally car if required, we look forward to sharing more news on the red prototype Mk2 over the next few months with you all.


We also had GBS Customer Pete Davis drop his GBS Zero off a few weeks ago that we have been busy preparing for IVA and we are pleased to have presented it to IVA test earlier this week and it passed so we have now completed the registration process and just awaiting confirmation.
Click here for more details on the IVA Service that we offer and for Workshop Services click here.

We are also pleased to have the very first GBS Zero with us in the GBS workshop this week which has been having the New ATR Products Brake Upgrade fitted. GBS Customer Richard Smith owns the very first GBS Zero that was produced, and we are delighted to have it back in the factory for the popular new ATR Products brake upgrade. The Zero is fitted with a 2L pinto engine on bike carbs and has covered many thousand miles, we also have a collection of photographs of this original Zero when it was first produced over 10 years ago and it looked very different.

You may have seen Richard and his Zero at our events in the past and you will see him this Saturday at our GBS Cars and coffee event at the GBS Factory as he is collecting his Zero. The Mk2 Escort can also be seen this Saturday in our workshop, please visit our GBS Facebook page and event page for more details about our Cars and Coffee event that is happening at the GBS Factory this Saturday (8th June). We look forward to seeing you there. 

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