The Zero...

The range of GBS Zero’s are available as a factory-built car or in component form. You can select from a variety of packages ranging from a starter kit through to a full bill of material that can be assembled by yourself or by us. The GBS range is available in right or left hand drive and as a Standard width or wider GT chassis option.
Whatever the journey you’re guaranteed a GBS Zero will turn heads, gather smiles and create new friends.

With over 10 years of Zero production experience we have now developed the Second Generation car compiling a decade of refinements into one simple to order package.

‘The second generation Zero is far from a typical kit car, there are vast improvements that takes away the challenges normally associated with self builds whilst still providing a rewarding build experience’. Numerous refinements have been incorporated as standard to not only improve the building experience of a Zero but also to ensure a high quality and safe vehicle when built. The Zero has an unprecedented handling due to its 50/50 weight distribution achieved by moving the engine rearward from the front axle, this is complimented by fully independent front and rear suspension arms.’

Enjoy the Zero on the Road & Track

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