Zero Mazda Self Build Option / USA Spec

We have previously offered the Zero in unassembled component form for sale in the USA to a small number of customers in order to prove out the cars ability to be built and registered in the United States and transatlantic transportation logistics. With many cars that have now been built by owners in the USA and an in country builder support organisation in place, the car in unassembled component form is now offered for sale across the United States.

Now designed is a Zero self build kit specifically for the North American Market which is based around the abundant Mazda MX5 / Miata MK1-2.5 as a donor. The Mazda based Zero kit uses the unique design features of the current Ford based Zero. The Mazda MX5 / Miata serves perfectly as a donor, and is readily available worldwide with sales of over 900,000 cars.
The kit utilises MX5’s (Mk1, Mk2, Mk2.5) from 1989 through to 2005 in either RHD or LHD.

Gen 2 Mazda.jpg

Start building with the Zero Mazda Starter Kit

Kit comprises spaceframe chassis, bodywork, panels suspension arms, then you can buy parts as the build progress or add to the starter kit. Every kit can be be custom to your requirements.

Bespoke Zero Mazda Full kit

Full kit of components including spaceframe chassis, bodywork, panels, exhaust system, fuel system, brake system, cooling system, suspension, Interior trims, exterior trim and more. Every kit can be be custom to your requirements.

Delivery to USA:

Once your order is placed and deposit is received, your chassis goes into production & the components are put together. Once complete they are checked off and placed into the custom made wooden container.
Shipping can be to port or address - Prices available on request.