Wheels & Tyres:
The choice of wheels and tyres enhances the way your car looks and drives. This silver Team Dynamics Pro-Race wheel is matched to a Yokohama Parada 195 tyre. Whether the Zero is out on the road or track we aim to produce a tyre that works in perfect harmony with the suspension and chassis.

The DRL Style LED Head lights that are a popular upgrade and the styling of the Zero also incorporates a unique GRP Rear Diffuser that both enhances airflow underneath the rear of the car, and also provides clean and efficient lines to the under body.

ATR Products Performance Dampers are high quality all Aluminium Gas Pressuriesd Adjustable Damper designed for fast road or competition vehicles. Each Damper is custom built to the precise requirements of the Zero and other vehicles.

Dash Set up:
Wherever you look on the Zero you can make it your own. The GRP dash is available in a choice of colours with an option of a gauge surround, that can be designed to suit your gauge set up. Or there is the option for a digital set up that can be fitted with all the information in one unit.

Interior & Seating:
The styling on the interior on the Zero is unique and you never see two the same. From the choice of seats, floor mats, and indicator stalks the options are endless. The seats are suitable for all occasions weather you use your Zero for track days or just road use.

New for the GBS Zero is the ATR Products Brake Upgrade kit. Designed for everyday fast road and track day use. This upgrade allows you to replace your existing standard Ford sierra calipers with a lightweight billet machined aluminium caliper.

Carbon Fibre Pack is fast becoming one of the most popular upgrades that we offer. The carbon fibre pack consists of Front Wings, Side Wings, Stone Guards, and Side Trims. The GRP range for the Zero is available in a choice of 9 colours (Nose Cone, Front Wings, Rear Wings, Dash & Diffuser).

Paint is fast becoming a popular option and is a service that we offer. We are able to colour match and design your cars paint effect with you from start to finish.
The paint option is available on both Zero self builds and factory builds.

The Ford Zetec / Duratec and Mazda are the most popular engine option. We have specific engine mounts on the shelf for a wide selection of engines and have the capabilities to work with you to create a special instillation for an engine of your choice.