Busy in the GBS workshop, get your car booked in with us….

Last week the GBS workshop team were extremely busy and had some very early starts with 4 IVA Tests at our local test stations. Which we are pleased passed and are now waiting registration and collection from the customers. We are able to offer IVA Pre Checks as well the full IVA Service where we can prepare and present your car to test for you, this includes all application and paperwork too and we also offer the service of once its passes we can register the car for you. This is a popular service that we offer and we always enjoy being able to help and support in the final stages of getting your car on the road. Please click here for more details on the IVA Service that we offer.
We are able to offer a full range of workshop services for your GBS Sports Car and also other cars including track day preparation, Geometry and corner weights which can massively improve the handling when out on the road and track, Servicing and MOT, engine, suspension upgrades, repairs, build completions and much more.

Lots of Zero kits are scheduled to be collected over the next couple of weeks including one that is being collected this Saturday that we have had to modify to suit the customer engine choice. The Zero Chassis had to be modified to take a Kawasaki GTR 1400 motorbike engine. Click here for more details on the engine options that are available for the Zero range or call us and we can discuss the options with you.

We also have this nice factory built Zero back with us in the workshop as we are currently preparing it for this weekend, where it can be seen at the Silverstone Classic Show on the Yokohama stand. For more details please visit our event page.


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