Workshop Services

We are able to offer a full range of workshop services for your GBS Sports Car and also other cars.
See below just some of the services that we offer.


We offer Geometry Set Up & Corner Weights which can massively improve the handling of your sports car….


Is it time to treat your sports car to an upgrade, if yes then we are can help. We are able to do Brake, engine, suspension upgrades so why not get in touch and speak with one of our technical team to discuss the options available.

Contact us for more details on the new ATR Products Brake upgrade kit for the Zero’s.

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Thinking of going on track with your sports car and want to be prepared. Then book your car in for a 2 - 3 hour check, we will ensure your tyres, brakes, suspension are all in a good and safe condition. We can also look at the geometry set up and corner weights which can massively improve the handling when out on the track.
Visit our event page to see when our next GBS Track Day is happening!


We can undertake large restoration projects as well as accommodate bespoke requests. There is no project too large for us to undertake, so please contact us to discuss your requirements of your sports car. We can undertake a range of mechanical and body repairs, ranging from minor body work repairs to full restorations and crash repairs. Including chassis, panel work, body work and mechanical works.


We carry out many pre-annual MOT test checks and are able to present your sports cars to an MOT station familiar with the unique characteristics of the Zero.
We are able to service the GBS sports cars at which ever comes first the mileage or age. Whether you use your car for weekend drives, occasional Track Days or Motorsport we will be able to offer you something.


We are able to prepare and present your car to IVA. All of our GBS kit built cars require an Individual Vehicle Approval test (IVA) at a DVSA test centre. This process consists of a series of rigorous tests that your newly built car must pass before it can be registered for road use. Click here for more details about our IVA Service that we offer for the Zero and other cars.


Have you got so far with your build and now you just want it built and on the road, but don’t have the time anymore to complete it. Then contact us and we will be able to advise and quote you how much it will cost to complete. We are always here to help!