IVA Preparation & Service

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Please note that we are able to IVA other sports cars not only GBS Cars.

All of our Zero kit built cars will require an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) test at a DVSA centre in the UK. This consists of a series of rigorous tests that your newly built car must pass before it can then be registered for road use.

Pre IVA Check: 
We offer a Pre IVA Check which takes around 2 - 3 hours, which takes place at the GBS Factory in the workshop. Your car will be looked over by one of our workshop team while you wait in our show room and a full report will be done to identify and advise you on any items the car may require to pass IVA.

Our IVA Service:
We offer the service where we prepare and present your car for IVA test on your behalf. This also includes the completion of the application form and all relevant paper work involved. Should you require transport of your sports car to us then we can also help with this too.

We offer the service where we can also register your car for you once it passes the IVA Test. Depending on the specification of your build it will either be a New Registration, Age Related Registration or a Q Plate Registration.

Contact us:
For more details and discuss booking your car in for the IVA Service please get in touch.