GBS exhibit at LCV at Millbrook with the Electric Zero.....

GBS were exhibiting at LCV at Millbrook (Low carbon vehicle event) last week with a GBS Zero demonstrating a novel concept battery and EV platform and disseminating the successful completion of a composite and titanium project.

The GBS concept EV platform: The chassis is bespoke to allow for the concept EV powertrain. In the front of the vehicle the battery has replaced the standard engine as the energy source and the original fuel cell is replaced with the powertrain. GBS have machined intricate prototype parts to allow the E drive system to be mounted as a compact unit within in the vehicle.
The powered electronics have been developed in partnership with Rockfort Engineering who are heavily involved with Formula E. The project was to develop a novel cooling concept and the project vehicle will be used to create duty cycles to further develop this technology. The vehicle has a limited range as it was designed for high load discharge to generate heat and monitor the cooling data.

Prototype Carbon fibre barrels by GBS and Titanium centres designed and manufactured by AJE.
The vehicle has carbon fibre wheels with titanium wheel centres to reduce the un-sprung weight of the rotating mass. GBS have manufactured the inner and outer barrels of the wheels as part of a collaboration. The project was to extract learning form the Ti process by completing this project GBS has greater understanding of an internal composite process that GBS are developing for the future.

We are now busy preparing for this weekends event which is the Goodwood Revival (13th-15th September), where we will be having our new Zero demonstrator on display. We can be found over the road on stand 381. Visit our event page where you will see more details.