The Zero.175 Calibre


Engine Option
FORD 2L Zetec   /  0-60mph 4.5mph
150bhp / 175 bhp

Standard / GT (Wide Body)
Left Hand Drive option available

Paint Options:
Choice of 9 GRP Colours
Paint One Colour
Metalic Options
Stripe Options
Custom Design Options

Front Double Wishbone / Rear Independant

Wheels & Tyres:
Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 7" x 15"
Yokohama 195/50R15 Parada
(Suitable for Road & Track)

Dimensions / Weight:
Weight: 500kg/ 600kg (depending on engine choice)
Overall Width: 1720mm
Overall Length: 3350mm
Height: 1100mm
Wheel Base: 2335mm
Ground Clearance: 120mm
Power to weight: 400Bhp per tonne. (Based on 230bhp Duratec)

Our entry level model is not to be mistaken as a poor version of our Top of the range Zero.230 Calibre as they are hand built side by side in our factory along with many other models within our range. The car consists of a steel space frame with fully independent suspension at the front and rear of the car fitted with Pro-race Wheels by Team Dynamics. Each car is hand crafted to an individual’s specification by only the best skilled and passionate individuals looking to deliver engineering excellence.

The Zero.190 Calibre is powered by a 2.0Ltr normally aspirated Ford Duratec engine which offers 160Bhp as standard fitted with a plenum and the standard throttle body. Alternatively it can be upgraded to a 190Bhp version fitted with a set of ATR Throttle bodies and an engine re-map to give you maximum Bhp and Torque thus improving the acceleration rate of 0-60 which can be achieved in around 4.1 seconds. In the corners the car has unbelievable levels of grip & balance handling in a very controlled & precise manner, ultimately resulting in an exhilarating experience.

The external body work of the car is very much the same throughout our range and is a mix of GRP & traditional Aluminium Fitted over a Steel space framed chassis all of which is manufactured by GBS in our very own Factory. We also offer a range of ATR Carbon Fibre up-grades manufactured by US using the very latest infusion techniques developed in house. This in turn makes the car very pleasing on the eye.

The interior is finished to the highest standard and has to be one of the best you will find in a bespoke built car of this type. Not only are the seats extremely comfortable but coupled with the driving position along with the steering makes for almost perfect ergonomics. Two body widths are also available depending on Grand Touring or Track usage. Once you have attended your seat fitting the dashboard layout is tailored to best suit your needs with only the best Smiths Flight Gauges used. This we feel is a must as the Gauges truly represent the era of this type of car.  

GBS ZERO.175 Calibre £19,995.00