The turn key fully built Zero option is a popular choice amongst GBS Zero owners. This top of the range Sports Car offers exceptional value for money with a bespoke specification and customizable performance. In the United Kingdom the turn key car is fully registered and ready for you to drive away to enjoy the thrill of the Zero.

GBS Zero Calibre range

Each Zero is tailor built to each customer’s specification with your choice of appearance trim and accessories making each car truly unique to its owner. Builds typically take 16 weeks. Customers are encouraged to visit our workshop at any time to see how their car is progressing.

Please explore the specifications & options below or contact us for more information and prices.

Zero.175 Calibre

Our entry level model is not to be mistaken as a poor version of our Top of the range Zero.230 Calibre as they are hand built side by side in our factory along with many other models within our range. The car consists of a steel space frame with fully independent suspension at the front and rear of the car fitted with Pro-race Wheels by Team Dynamics. Each car is hand crafted to an individual’s specification by only the best skilled and passionate individuals looking to deliver engineering excellence.

Zero.190 Calibre

The Zero.190 Calibre is powered by a 2.0Ltr normally aspirated Ford Duratec engine which offers 160Bhp as standard fitted with a plenum and the standard throttle body. Alternatively it can be upgraded to a 190Bhp version fitted with a set of ATR Throttle bodies and an engine re-map to give you maximum Bhp and Torque thus improving the acceleration rate of 0-60 which can be achieved in around 4.1 seconds. In the corners the car has unbelievable levels of grip & balance handling in a very controlled & precise manner.

Zero.230 Calibre

If you are looking for Pure Exhilarating Performance along with Style & Finesse then the Zero.230 Calibre is the car for you. With its unmistakable bark from the ATR Throttle body upgrade as standard fitment on this Model it leaves you without doubt of its intentions as a pure thoroughbred driving machine. The car consists of a steel Multi Tube space frame with fully independent suspension all around. This car benefits from the full ATR upgrade Handling Pack & LSD as standard fitment, making this car corner like it is on rails.  

Individually Hand Built to your own specification”

Whether you take your GBS Zero around the track or around Europe, each journey will deliver a unique experience for you and your passenger.
— Great British Sports Cars Ltd