You will want to Insure your Zero weather it is on the road or if it is in kit form in the garage. For kits that are being built they can be Insured under the chassis number, as they will not yet have registration number. (We can supply you with a chassis number)

Are Zero’s expensive to Insure?
No, you will be pleasantly pleased to know that they are remarkably cheap to insure considering their spec and performance. There are many specialist kit car insurance companies who offer a good price for insurance. (Price depends on status and history of driver).

Who to use:
We recommend two insurance companies, Adrian Flux Insurance and Cherished Vehicle Insurance Service (Part of A-Plan) and have a dealer discount codes for both.

Adrian Flux Insurance: Quote D1333
Cherished Vehicle Insurance (Part of A-Plan):
Quote GBS

Insurance Repairs:
We also undertake Insurance repairs ranging from body repairs, minor body work repairs to full restorations and crash repairs. Including chassis, panel work, body work and mechanical works.