The Self Build Generation 2 Custom Kit Roll Cage

*MSA Roll Cage Chassis shown, Fuel Tank not INCLUDED. all panels are supplied pre folded / flat.

*MSA Roll Cage Chassis shown, Fuel Tank not INCLUDED. all panels are supplied pre folded / flat.

The Second Generation Zero Custom Kit Includes:

Generation 2 Chassis - Powder Coated & with lowered floor as standard.
Wishbone & Pedals - Powder Coated.
Panels - Aluminium pre folded Generation 2. (All interior & exterior panels).
GRP (Choice of 9 colours) - 5 piece GRP Set - Nose Cone, Sport Front Wings, Rear Wings.
GRP Dash (Choice of 9 colours)
Lighting Pack
Bolt kit & Shock Bolts.

Other available options to consider:
LHD (European & International)
Zero GT (Wide Body)
Roll Cage
Louvered Bonnet
Build Trolley
Factory Fittings & part built options.

GBS Second Generation Zero Custom Kit £4,587.00

+ Roll Cage / MSA Compliant £688.00

+ Roll Cage / FIA Compliant £1020.00

This option is available with a fully welded intergrated Roll Cage that is MSA compliant and FIA Compliant. The custom Zero Kit allows you to tailor the Zero to the engine configuration of your choice, weather that is an already compatible engine or a completely custom engine installation. This kit also allows you to customise the whole power train and other aspects of the car. (Custom engine kits are available upon request)

Whats new: 
With over 10 years of Zero production experience we have now developed the Second Generation car compiling a decade of refinements into one simple to order package.

‘The second generation Zero is far from a typical kit car, there are vast improvements that takes away the challenges normally associated with self builds whilst still providing a rewarding build experience’

Numerous refinements have been incorporated as standard to not only improve the building experience of a Zero but also to ensure a high quality and safe vehicle when built. The Zero has an unprecedented handling due to its 50/50 weight distribution achieved by moving the engine rearward from the front axle, this is complimented by fully independent front and rear suspension arms.’.

Engines Compatible:
Ford Zetec
Ford Pinto
Ford Duratec
Ford Crossflow
Honda S2000
Vauxhall Redtop
Mazda RX8
Motor Bike Engine.

Enjoy the Zero on the Road & Track:
This option is ideal if you are looking for a track day car or to race and compete.