Andrew Glover Chelmsford, Essex Age 22

Andrew Glover
Chelmsford, Essex
Age 22

After spending two years researching on which seven type kit car to purchase, and having various discussions with the GBS team. I opted to go for the GBS Zero ford base kit. The reason why I went for GBS was after the various discussions and visits to the factory, I was impressed on how friendly the team where and the amount of parts they manufactured in house.

On the May bank holiday 2015 I decided to attend the Stoneleigh kit car show and placed my deposit on the kit. On the 17th of September 2015 my father and I picked the kit up. But in a year we managed to turn a van load of parts in to a drivable car and there was smiles all round.  I am writing this with 85% of the build complete. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment of the build and can’t fault GBS enough for their help and support, even with some issues on the way. But I can honestly say they have been resolved as quickly as possible.  So to anyone that is thinking of building a seven style kit car I would say go for it, you won’t regret it.

Mr Mick Ingham Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

Mr Mick Ingham
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

Dear GBS, having recently finished my build of GBSC Zero Sports Car. I made many visits to the factory and stores for advice and spares. I have to say that on every visit I was made very welcome and was given the best of service. I was treated very well by the management and staff. I enjoyed every minute of the build and being 75 years old it was not a problem for me. Thank you for all your help. 

Martin Bailey   North Yorkshire.

Martin Bailey
North Yorkshire.

Thank you for your attention and patience not to mention amount of time we consumed! It was again a great experience. Must say it gave me a great feeling and confidence boost with the conversations with yourself and Simon. The whole feeling of commitment knowledge and enthusiasm left me in no doubt that GBS was the right choice. Really looking forward to the whole experience.